William Camacho

Pre-construction | Consultant | | 858.228.6225

William Camacho has been servicing the technical construction market prevalent in the Southern California arena for the past 15+ years. William’s main focus has been Brewery, Distillery, and Life Science markets. Prior to founding CLTVT, William had been an integral part of Serbia Consulting Group, a Corporate Real Estate Consulting firm servicing technical clients in owner's representation, pre-construction planning and construction management. With a foundation of experience stemming from 6 years in the Naval Nuclear Power program and 12 years on facility planning, facility management, procuring institutional and private financial vehicles, site and tenant improvement pre-construction planning, authoring regulatory protocol compliance documents for cGMP Biotech Manufacturing facilities, plus 10 years of craft brewery production efficiency optimization, planning, procuring, and commissioning, William has been directing and managing the process from concept to completion for technical and production Companies, establishing a reputation of solid work ethic and smart project management reliability.