CLTVT is a full service commercial general contractor, construction management, and production facility consulting firm based in San Diego, California. We specialize in Commercial Renovations, Specifically: Breweries | Distilleries | Beverage | Artisanal Food [Creamery, Olive Oil, etc.] | Food Service Facilities and Restaurants | Life Sciences. CLTVT caters to the needs of tenants and building owners/ property managers alike throughout California. The CLTVT team assists clients by managing realistic timelines and controlling a project budget by incorporating more than focusing on construction scope.  CLTVT manages each project by understanding and proactively addressing real estate variables, regulatory compliance issues, equipment integration operations, construction challenges, and commissioning scope.  

We at CLTVT love building high design, beautiful fun projects with a high “stoke” factor. We maintain the highest level of ethics, integrity and innovation in everything we do.

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Our range of assistance starts in the conceptual stage that focuses on the start-up or expansion of a production brewery/ distillery/ production facility. Our level of assistance is diverse, ranging from construction management and consultation, to business plan authoring (including proforma reports), conceptual design assistance and high-level estimating. Our goal is to empower our clients to make sound decisions in terms of expansion and optimization of your project.


CLTVT has extensive experience to assist in the conceptual design, design development and pre-construction planning process. This enables our clients to obtain a solid set of construction documents which will minimize cost overruns and scope ommissions. Our ability to proactively address potential issues upfront enables the client and design team time to make the needed adjustments before problems arise.


Our approach to construction utilizes integration technologies that assists in real time cost tracking and transparent communication from the site superintendent, to the project manager, to you. Updated financials and schedule tracking enables the team to make timely and sound decisions. We are committed to providing you with a project team that will bring you the quality that you expect. We “get” the importance of nailing interior design details so to make sure the completed build out represents your standard to quality and brand story.

CLTVT [kuhl-tuh-veyt]

Our team has cultivated strong working relationships with our clients. Our reputation is built on satisfying clients who reap the benefits of our involvement. CLTVT's leadership team and staff reflect our corporate values of project intelligence, transparent and timely communication, proactive safety awareness and signature craftsmanship. We are committed to assisting to your success and growth.





The CLTVT team is proud and honored to be a part of the planning, design, construction, collaborations and continuing success of all of our clients, partners and friends listed below:


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Chris Slowey | Principal | | 760.990.3499

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Chris Slowey has extensive experience in project management for new commercial construction and renovation for all building types. Chris introduces sophistication and expertise into all aspects and phases of construction. In specialized industry circles, Chris is renowned for his ability to resolve critically complicated issues on projects while keeping the project scope focused, on time and within budget. Mr. Slowey has successfully managed and led teams of Subcontractors, Architects, and Consultants from project start up to completion with budgets from $50,000 to $30 million. CLTVT’s solid growth stems from Chris’ reputation and his ability to mobilize his team to strong project completions allowing satisfied customers to refer in solid streams of new business opportunities.


William Camacho | Principal | | 858.228.6225

William Camacho has been servicing the technical construction market prevalent in the Southern California arena for the past 15+ years. William’s main focus has been Brewery, Distillery, and Life Science markets. Prior to founding CLTVT, William had been an integral part of Serbia Consulting Group, a Corporate Real Estate Consulting firm servicing technical clients in owner's representation, pre-construction planning and construction management. With a foundation of experience stemming from 6 years in the Naval Nuclear Power program and 12 years on facility planning, facility management, procuring institutional and private financial vehicles, site and tenant improvement pre-construction planning, authoring regulatory protocol compliance documents for cGMP Biotech Manufacturing facilities, plus 10 years of craft brewery production efficiency optimization, planning, procuring, and commissioning, William has been directing and managing the process from concept to completion for technical and production Companies, establishing a reputation of solid work ethic and smart project management reliability.


Nathan Sharpe | Project Engineer | | 760.497.8495


Nathan Sharpe has developed the skill set of designing production breweries through the lens of a construction tradesman.  Nathan's range of services range from detailed equipment layout design, process piping design, equipment sizing, detailed construction estimating, equipment commissioning, tied with the ability to self-perform or supervise and coordinate tradesman to install equipment in an intelligent and efficient manner.  Nathan thrives on complexities and excruciating detail commonplace in production brewery integration between plant utilities, process piping, brewhouse, grain handling, cellar, CIP, filtering, packaging, cold box, and controls automation.  His ability to orchestrate production plant operation to hum like a fine-tuned machine is what has established Nathan's stellar reputation in the industry.


Kaleena Urbina | Controller & Project Administration | | 760.889.8084

Kaleena Urbina is the Project Coordinator and Office Manager of CLTVT, where she ensures the daily operations run smoothly. She has over a decade of experience in construction administration, management and project coordination. She started her career as a paralegal, and then progressed into the accounting field. At CLTVT, she maintains all project and company accounting and compliance. Kaleena has an Associates Paralegal Degree and is a Graduate Gemologist from the GIA. She enjoys appraising jewelry on her free time.


Brittany Jackson | Project Engineer | | 925.784.3786


Brittany Jackson is the project engineer of CLTVT, where she assists others in fulfilling their responsibilities. She is the leader in CLTVT's social media presence. She is educated in several construction management softwares and takes the lead in company implementation with all technology and software. She has gained work experience through a variety of past and present jobs, including sales, quality inspection, shipping & inventory, food handling, and office management. Her ability to adapt and her appetite for variety is what drives her daily work in this fast paced industry.


Shane Boswell | Project Superintendent | | 602.323.6698

Jeremiah Duffy | Project Superintendent | | 760.213.1207

 Emiliano "Emi" Musij | Assistant Superintendent | | 619.540.1683

Emiliano "Emi" Musij | Assistant Superintendent | | 619.540.1683


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